A day in the life...

Dear people,
today I had one day off of my cafe-job at Peter's Yard. A great opportunity to organise many important things. And as the day unfolded, I realised how many great moments it contained. Those I think are share-worthy!
First I pedaled down to 66 Rose Street to apply for my Visa to India! That was exciting though I had to pay more than I thought. A funny poster of a tiger reminded of not so friendly Indians. mmh, we'll see if they only mean the tiger with that ;)
Then I caught some raindrops on my way to 5 Rose Street, the Melting Pot, to meet friends to chat about Malawi and how our film about Joseph is going to be shown in the coming months! An exciting opportunity arose to decorate an installation in the Botanic Gardens about the Janeemo project. I hope I will find the time in the coming weeks to create a rough plan for that.
On my way to ECA I again managed to just escape more raindrops, cycling through busy roads with dirty busses and too many visitors of our festive town. At ECA I got all my tapes and DVDs of all the films I have made there including a big production file that will now start to catch dust on my shelf for 2 weeks before I have to move out. Strange memories of times in confined editing suites came up!

Back in fresh air, rainy autumn air, I went on my bike, this time to Napier University's Screen Academy to get a digiBeta copy of Joseph's Road for the Africa in Motion festival, where the film will be shown in October.
Before I reached the university I bumped into Simone and had a lovely chat about herbal medicines to take to India. Napiers (not the university) is a lovely place where I get my tinctures and ointments, all hand made in Edinburgh!
After copying the tape on a ancient looking machinery in the Screen Academy with lots of humming and blinking I travelled down Bruntsfield to stop at the Chocolate Tree to again escape one of the many rainshowers. Here I indulged on a vegan orange-ganache-truffel and a delicious vegan hot chocolate. I was using this bit of free time to write a letter to Joseph who will soon get a visitor to his village that will bring the letter. I miss the heat and dusty air of Malawi, the colorful village-women with the heavy water-cans balancing on their heads. I hope Joseph and Manuel are well and are not struggling too much in the upcoming dry season. I also hope Joseph will finally get a new bike sponsored by us, so he can travel to his school much easier.

Fast fast home, down hill, up hill, packing the yoga mat quickly and back on the bike to the West end. This time I was not lucky at all, a downpour! I arrived drenched in water but the calmness and thick carpets of Mulberry House made up for the struggle through stormy rain. Susan's class was another yogi's delight! Flowing from breath to breath into stretch to twist. No more rain could bother me after this class. And so I was lucky to arrive home dry and happy.

Now is time for sleep but my heart is beating in excitement of having finally written an email to the most amazing woman on this planet! Lets cross fingers and hope that my journey to India will be a fruitful one! 2 1/2 weeks to go and I have no idea how to manage packing, moving out, designing a logo and an exhibition stall, writing numerous letters, working full time and enjoying the tiny pleasures of life in this short time!

Here some impressions of my window decorations for Q5, the take-away unit for Peter's Yard.

Flying cups.

Coffee spill

Tea time.

Crispbread and Fig jam.


Heavenly cookies
Hanging cones.