"Turning" finished in August 2009

My MA film "Turning" was finished in August 2009. It was screened at the MA-exhibition at ECA end of August. In December it was also shown at the Film festival accompanying the COP15 climate change conference in Copenhagen. Now other festivals will be conquered! Watch this space for more news.

Sabine Hellmann sets out on a journey of discovery into the Lammermuir Hills of East Lothian to explore the recent hype of wind farm constructions in Scotland. Infecting us with her passion towards environmental issues we are challenged to question our mindsets and, by accompanying her on her cycle journey, we will discover life in the countryside between a nuclear power station and a newly constructed wind farm. But is the wind farm as eco-friendly as the industry and government want to make us believe? Sabine soon discovers aspects that shake her beliefs and drive her to an unlikely conclusion.

If you are interested in the film, write to me and I can supply more information!

The beautiful poster was made by anna!